Brytee sunlight readable monitor. It really is this bright!
If it ain't
2500 nits
it ain't Brytee®
If it ain't 2500 nits, it ain't Brytee® enough!

Finally a portable monitor you can actually see in the sun!

Sunlight-Readable Portable Monitors That Live up to Your Expectations

We don’t just claim to be sunlight readable.
We are.

Kick That Old Habit

No need for your display to look like a nun. 
  • sunshade for drone dji display
  • Not this!

  • THIS!

How We Do It Better

True Sunlight Readability

Other manufacturers are pulling the shade over their customers’ eyes with claims that 1000-1500 nits, even 2000 nits, is sunlight readable. At 2500 nits, only Brytee® monitors give you the clarity and detail you need in full sun.

Designed to Quietly Take the Heat

Building on the company’s 20+ year history in sunlight readable displays for public safety automotive and military applications, Brytee uses an all-aluminum case with a stainless-steel internal bracket, not plastic. While still being lightweight, this provides much better heat dissipation for the power components than plastic also avoiding the need for noisy cooling fans.

Made Rugged for the Outdoors

We’ve been in the business of building sunlight-readable outdoor displays for many years and we know what extended exposure to the sun’s UV rays will do to an LCD. It’s the slow fade of death with the gradual loss of contrast, screen dimming and color fade.

It ain’t pretty but it’s what will happen over time to any display that hasn’t been specifically designed for extended use in full sun. Most companies won’t talk about that either because they know it’s a problem or, worse yet, they don’t know it’s a problem.

We make display products for the outdoors that will last. Our sunlight-readable monitor all include an integrated UV filter to protect against exposure to the sun.

Flexibility in Use

We offer flexibility in how the monitor is used and where it goes. It’s got to be fast and easy. In a box, on a tripod, on a bench, with or without plug power, with or without fasteners; wherever you need it. We use industry standard VESA mounting holes on the back making the monitor compatible across the industry.

See what you're missing! It really is sunlight readable!

See the Brytee Difference

The Other Guys Brytee Bright!

Brytee is a game changer!

US ARMY Corps of Engineers,
South Atlantic Division Mobile District

Tired of a display that's too dim to see in direct sun and too small for quick decisions?

brytee sunlight readable display vs. DJI display

With a 2500 nits and 13.3″ Brytee® monitor, you’ll never miss those important details or shots again.