NIT is a metric for measuring brightness, which is how much light an object emits. Actually, it’s technically a measure of luminance and its units are candelas per square meter, or cd/m2. “Luminance” refers to the intensity of light, an objective property of nature. “Brightness” often refers to how we perceive luminance. Brightness in this sense is nonlinear and subjective, so it can’t be measured quantitatively.

They may not be straight-forward with their claims.  Assuming they have a high contrast ratio, in direct sunlight the colors will typically appear washed out and lacking in details.  This is due to back reflection from the sun and surroundings as well as other factors.

Sunlight readable mostly refers to direct sun falling right on the screen.  Daylight readable may refer to non-direct sunlight and not necessarily even at the brightest time of day.

The design uses several key technologies including optical bonding, which reduces back reflections, and a powerful backlighting system.  Optical bonding makes better use of the monitor’s intrinsic high brightness.

Optical Bonding an optical-grade polymer which fills the gap between the LCD panel and the protective front glass. This eliminates internal reflections, eliminates the possibility of internal condensation, increases the contrast ratio and improves the image quality.

Very tough.  The screen uses automotive-grade, chemically strengthened glass to prevent breakage.  The housing is all metal to prevent damage to the high resolution display during rough handling and usage.

  • The monitor offers standard VESA mounting, a standard A/V mount and VESA compatible M4 side mounts.  It fits on small, lightweight, portable tripods, other camera mounts and a range of other mounting configurations.
  • It also fits into our custom case (optional).
  • There are many commercially available VESA and A/V mounts for desktops, tripods, cases and even vacuum mounts. These allow Brtyee to be rapidly deployed and then re-stored in the field.
  • An A/V integrated harness combined with the a neck strap attached to the M4 side mounting holes, allows a user wear and operate Brytee on location.
  • With an A/V type vacuum mount, Brytee can even attach to the side of a vehicle. 
  • How will you take your Brytee outside?
  • Digital power meter to monitor battery voltage
  • Jack to plug in 12V DC power from AC adapter or other 12V DC source.
  • Connector for DeWalt-compatible 20V Lithium-ion battery
  • Connector to hold a spare battery
  • Offers roughly 10 hours of full brightness operating time with two, 9AH batteries.
  • HDMI input connector
  • USB-C Video input connector
  • 3.5mm (⅛”) analog audio output jack
  • On/Off switch
  • USB Type A and Type C ports for charging or powering accessories, phones, etc.
  • Internal storage compartment for battery charger, cables, etc.
  • Enhanced water and shock resistance during transport and operation

Yes. We have a 2-year warranty that guarantees against parts and workmanship defects during that time. 

See our terms of agreement for  all the details, but in short, if you unsatisfied with your purchase, you can return it within 30 days and be refunded minus the cost of shipping. Products that are DOA or damaged when they arrive, of course, we will accept in return for a full refund.