Brytee® Kit 13 – 13.3″ Sunlight-Readable Monitor with Box 13 Companion Case


We’ve done what others haven’t – plainly readable even in direct sun. There is no need for a sunshade as Brytee® delivers a screen brightness of 2500 nits.

And with an optically-bonded front glass along with an integrated UV filter to protect the display, you’re ensured of a very long service life even in rough environments. 

Where does Brytee® shine?

• Military
• Police departments
• Search & rescue
• Power grid inspection
• Agriculture inspection
• Construction
• Cinematography

and more!


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Finally a “sunlight-readable” display you can actually read in the sun!

We developed Brytee specifically to meet the need of drone pilots who depend on being able to see what’s on their displays. Other monitors claim to be sunlight-readable but at only 1000 or 1500 nits, they fall far short of true sunlight readability. Brytee is 2500 nits! See the picture above for a comparison of Brytee next to the DJI industry standard most pilots are used to and you’ll see what a difference nits make. In addition, with a color range of 72% NTSC, you’ll even see details in the shadows!

We’ve been in the business of building outdoor displays for many years and we know what extended exposure to the sun’s UV rays will do to an LCD. It’s the slow fade of death with a gradual loss of contrast, screen dimming and color fade. It ain’t pretty but it is what will happen over time to any display that hasn’t been specifically designed for extended use in full sun.

Most companies won’t talk about that either because they know it’s a problem or, worse yet, they don’t know it’s a problem.

We make display products for the outdoors that will last. Our monitor products all include an integrated UV filter to protect against exposure to the sun.

Brytee® monitors are also designed with custom specified LEDs to achieve a long operating life at full brightness. Our monitors can be clearly seen “bezel to bezel” in direct sunlight with no screen blackening.

What is Brytee® Flex? We offer flexibility in how the monitor is used and where it goes. It has got to be fast and easy – in a box, on a tripod, on a bench, with or without plug power, with or without fasteners; wherever you need it.

We use industry standard VESA mounting holes on the back making the monitor compatible across the industry.

Industry leading operating time on batteries

Brytee monitors are designed for efficiency and ruggedness. Instead of adopting rather puny and expensive Lithium-Ion batteries designed for cameras, our engineers have gone in a different direction. Brytee products are made for the outdoors and so are the batteries we use for our self-powered monitor options.

Our 13.3″ monitor will run at full brightness for over 6 hours on a single charge (9AHr battery). Plus, switching in a charged backup battery takes only seconds.

Designed to take the heat

Building on the company’s 20+ year history with sunlight readable displays for public safety automotive and military applications, Brytee uses an all-aluminum case with a stainless-steel internal bracket, not plastic. While still being lightweight, this provides much better heat dissipation for the power components than plastic also avoiding the need for noisy cooling fans.

The Box 13

Brytee monitors are sold with The Box 13, the ultimate companion for your Brytee portable monitor. Crafted with rugged durability and portability in mind, Box 13 ensures your Brytee monitor stays safe and secure during transportation and operation. Its ruggedized casing shields your monitor from impacts, dust, and water, providing peace of mind in even the most demanding environments.

  • Includes 2 swappable batteries for a total of 10 hrs of operating time at highest brightness
  • Industry-standard 9Ah tool batteries can be replaced at a local hardware store
  • Built-in USB charge ports for your wireless devices
  • Audio port for analog audio
  • Future-proofed with both HDMI and USB-C for video inputs
  • Room to store other gear
  • Crush-proof, dust-proof, water resistant
  • 2 push button latches offer secure closure with easy-open access
  • Heavy duty handles will stand up in even the toughest conditions
    Exterior measurements: 15.41″ x 13.08″ x 6.16″


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