About Us

Brytee® monitors are designed and built by a team of highly experienced display technologists and LCD applications engineers. For over 20 years we’ve been developing high brightness displays for OEM manufacturers of display-enabled electronic products, components and systems in consumer, commercial, instrumentation, military and avionics markets.

Brytee® engineers know displays right down to the atoms and understand display applications like few companies in the industry. Our LED lighting systems for displays are among the highest brightness and efficiency displays in the industry.

Brytee® monitors are designed with custom specified LEDs to achieve a long operating life at full brightness. Our monitors can be clearly seen “bezel to bezel” in direct sunlight with no screen blackening.

A Brytee®-designed brightness controller is available for every monitor application. Available features include: 1000:1 dimming, spread-spectrum clock for low EMI, automatic LED power control to prevent thermal overload.

The superior brightness, color and ruggedness of Brytee® monitors make them perfect for applications such as:

  • Marine Systems
  • Avionics
  • In-Vehicle Monitors
  • Portable Command and Control System